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Global Lighting is a New York-based source for aesthetically superior artisanal and architectural light fixtures for residential, hospitality, retail, commercial, and healthcare environments, as well as landscape applications. Global Lighting practices curatorial rigor when sourcing luxury lighting from Europe and technological innovation by bringing each fixture distributed in North America into UL compliance.

Bruce Andrews Design is a manufacturer of bespoke and limited edition furniture available through Nandina Home in Aiken, SC; Jalan Jalan in Miami, FL; Travis & Company in ADAC in Atlanta; Michael-Cleary in Chicago, IL; and the Ellouise Abbott showrooms in Houston and Dallas, TX. The company is committed to handcrafted excellence and is proud to be dedicated to a Made in America model.

Pandora de Balthazár manufacturers luxury bedding and wellness products that enhance sleep through architecturally structured building blocks filled with the finest goose down and feathers. The company's atelier in Pensacola holds one of the largest collections of antique linens and museum-quality textiles in the world. The team exhibits twice annually in the Arbor Antiques section of Round Top and during High Point Market.

Bella Figura Publications is the brainchild of JoAnn Locktov, whose love affair with Venice began a number of years ago. Annual trips to the Italian city fed the author and publicist so satisfyingly that she decided to publish artfully conceived books that expressed the beauty and essentialness she felt when she traveled there. With two books in the collection, the effort has gone beyond representing her love of the town to encapsulate the enchantment that writers and architects feel for Venice, as well as the ethereal personality talented photographers have captured of the city's urban fabric.