Paying Attention to What’s Vulnerable

Pandora de Balthazar European Sleep System

In his list of “19 Thoughts About Finding Your Purpose,” which was extremely popular in social sharing when he first posted it, Julien Smith advises, “Pay attention to what’s vulnerable, not just what’s strong,” as this helps to predict trends in the marketplace, which is good for the pocketbook. What is vulnerable in the field of content marketing has continued to shift since the CEO of Breather first wrote his soulful checklist, and one of the biggest reasons is Google’s drive to make SERP ranking more about user experience (UX) and less about a formulaic SEO puzzle that could cheat the system.

Many leaders of small- to mid-sized businesses don’t even realize how much UX is changing things, which will leave their brands vulnerable to being ignored by search engines, so we thought an asset review that illustrates how we produce content with engagement at its core could be helpful to those who are confused about the issue. To do so, we’ll share the story of one of the brands we work with, one that has a keen awareness of what’s vulnerable in the world and is determined to make a positive impact on that vulnerability.

Pandora de Balthazar

The company is Pandora de Balthazár, a luxury brand that offers a European Sleep System made up of revitalizing sleep products filled with the finest hand-picked Hungarian down. The system consists of four specially sized pillows designed to cradle the body supportively and promote ergonomically correct and healthy bed rest. The company also manufactures American sized pillows, designer squares, down mattress pads and duvets, baby bedding, lovely antique shams and bedcovers that her team collects, and high-thread-count Italian sheeting to bring a luxurious feel to the sleep experience.

A Vulnerability Grows into a Business

The idea for the company grew out of an auto accident the founder had during which, at the height of a stellar career as a financial planner, Pandora de Balthazár broke her neck. The months that followed the crisis, medical professionals couldn’t figure out how to treat her to give her lasting relief. It was during a trip to Hungary four years later when the avid textile collector sought water therapy, landing in the hospital at the culmination of this drawn-out and frustrating journey.

She never dreamed the situation would be prophetic but as time moved along, it proved to be just that, as the moment would lead her to her life’s work. Confined to bed, she found herself surrounded by beautiful textiles during what turned out to be a long recovery. The delicacy and romantic feel of the bedding, draperies and other varied fabrics in the rooms in which she convalesced set her to dreaming as she learned how to support her aching body by way of a sleep system that had been used in the country for centuries.

The combination of inspiring surroundings and critical support finally instituted crucial healing and she saw clearly the new business she wanted to create to manufacture bedding that would provide the same healing properties she experienced in Hungary. The sensual products and the life experience Pandora gleaned from the challenges she faced are presented and explored on the blog adroyt created for the company, which led to the build-out of an e-commerce site to which we brought our content-strategy and content-creation skills to bear. Because user experience (UX) continues to play a bigger role in SERPs, the content we create for the brand is geared toward helping the company broadcast the message that their products promote wellness and enhance the aesthetics of a space.

When we strategize the twin-messages, we always have an eye to crafting content that will be relevant for longer, grow stronger over time and rank better than competitors trying to be found with the same search terms. At the heart of it all is storytelling, which we do remarkably well. Several posts that illustrate this are: Your Tactile Personality, Investing in Emotional Assets and A Case for Couture Bedding.

You can see some of the SERP gains we’ve managed for this client’s antique textiles collection in our post titled “Case Study Ranking for Antique Textiles.”

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