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Pandora de Balthazar antique textiles


In our asset review illustrating our skills at strategic content creation, “Paying Attention to What’s Vulnerable,” we introduced our client Pandora de Balthazár and the company’s luxury bedding and down products. In this case study, we present our efforts to aid the brand in becoming known for the antique textiles the owner has collected over many decades, her specific passion Austro-Hungarian Empire textiles.

“I have been a collector of what I perceived to be the most beautiful textiles ever produced for much of my adult life,” Pandora remarks. “Once I saw the quality and delicacy of the handwork creating the textiles from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, I found an intricacy I’d never seen. These deep primitives, as I call them—the woven jacquard whites and eyelet—have an age and depth to them that moved me beyond my former definition of fine linens.”


Austro-Hungarian Textiles SERPS achieve by adroyt


Because we began our work with the company by creating a blog, which means the e-commerce site we built for them came later, the gains achieved by the blog will sometimes rank higher than the e-commerce site because its posts and pages have been deemed relevant longer. This is the case for the phrase “austro-hungarian textiles,” which the company ranks for at number 5 in a SERP that returns more than 400,000 results.* The link leads back to the client’s tag archive page on the site, which is fully fleshed out with SEO-rich content and a meta-description, the posts ranking for that term collected on the tag archive page, as you can see in the image below.


Tag Archive page for Austro-Hungarian textiles


This is a serious gain to attract collectors of Austro-Hungarian textiles because this key phrase will draw them to this brand, but it is a smaller audience than collectors of antique linens in general whom we want to attract to the site. Higher on our food chain for helping them gain new customers is a phrase like “antique pillow shams,” which you can see in the screenshot below ranking at number 4 of well over one-million results (1,190,000). This gain is for the e-commerce site where they have antique pillow shams for sale—that’s an important first-page result for a phrase for which they have a hefty inventory.


Antique Pillow Shams SERP Gains by adroyt


Also, this is a fairly broad search in terms of being able to rank organically so our efforts are paying off by leading customers back to the place on the web where consumers can buy. We still have some work to do on phrases like “trousseau linens,” which ranks on page 2 of over 400,000 results with a blog post we produced earlier, but we know we’ll get there. As we continue to strategize, we make lateral moves, working with a number of unusual words, such as Buzsak. Ranking is much easier to gain for a word that is known only to collectors of this type of fabric and historians who study textiles (as is proven by the SERP below) so when someone types in the word, they will be more motivated to buy than someone cruising to see what antique textiles are “out there.”

When we typed “buzsak tablecloth” into an incognito window, Pandora de Balthazár’s e-commerce listings for the phrase dominated the first page, populating the first four listings and all of the images. This is the perfect time to note our domination in the image returns: this is due to our careful attention to image titles and alt text. Our clients in the design and architecture fields operate in very visual industries so image rank is among our top concerns when we strategize and create content.


Buzsak Tablecloth SERP Gains achieved by adroyt


Another content strategy move we are making is strengthening the e-commerce site by populating the product descriptions with educational content, such as the history of eyelet, embroidery and crocheted lace on the profiles of the products made from these materials; as well as the history of damask textiles, Buzsak handwork and filet lace. These will eventually help the products gain more traction because the content offers consumers looking for information on the materials an excellent user experience; the additions will also make the content more relevant longer, make it stronger over time and rank it better than competitors who have not made these moves on their sites.

To prove how complex the ability to rank organically is, there is always a trade-off, which we call a dance of sorts. It’s easier to rank with a more specific phrase with a smaller audience, as we highlight above, than with a broader term that everyone is hoping to ace. It’s the ebb-and-flow of tactical decisions that we waltz through each time we strategize content for our clients.

*In all of the searches we present in any of our case studies, we carry them out in an incognito window so that our prior history won’t be tracked, which would skew our results.

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