Capturing a Brand’s Essence

Adroyt provides value in content strategy

In our value proposition post advocating thick value, we explored how the concept relates to content strategy and content creation. In this post, we thought we’d give a concrete example of how we approach content creation by way of a project we are completing for a client. In case you didn’t read the other post, here’s how Umair Haque, who penned the Awesomeness Manifesto, sees thick value: “It happens by making people authentically better off and not merely by adding more bells and whistles”; thick value is “created by people who love what they do, added to insanely great stuff, and multiplied by communities who are delighted and inspired because they are authentically better off.”

Capturing a Brand’s Essence

The project we’re completing has had us busy for several months as we’ve created all of the product descriptions for the Currey & Company website—both existing offerings and new releases. We’ve done so with an eye to creating a pleasant narrative arc because we believe brands need to tell their stories in every piece of writing that represents the company, and this includes product descriptions.

Currey & Company’s offerings are remarkable in variety and presentation, most of them created by artisans who are supremely adept at finishes and blacksmithing techniques, which made our job easier as we created versatile and personable material. “Working with adroyt is very easy,” says Bethanne Matari of our ongoing collaborations with them—we also create content for their blog. “They understand the home furnishings industry so we don’t have to explain it all.” About our CEO, Saxon Henry, who spearheaded the project and does the content strategy for the blog, she says, “Saxon’s knowledge of art, design and literature brings something special to everything she writes, and we could not be happier with the content she provides for Currey & Company.”

Product Descriptions Done Creatively

We thought we’d share a few examples of the new introductions that will debut during High Point Market this week as a way to illustrate our quality as content creators:

Hanausububi Pendant

Hanausububi Pendant by Currey & Company

Designing in the Japanese traditions from which he springs, Hiroshi Koshitaka was thinking of flower knots when he created the Hanausububi Pendant from wrought iron. The fluttering sheets of metal that make up the shade do seem to be unfurling into blossoms emitting warm light. The beautiful effect is created by a natural iron finish on the exterior and a gold leaf finish on the inside of each layer. The concentric ovals ornamenting the stem, in a dark iron finish, overlap to reference the mature flower. The pendant measures 17” in diameter by 28 ¼” high.


 Eyelash Chandelier

 Eyelash Chandelier by Currey & Company

The Eyelash chandelier, which is made of wrought iron treated to a French gold leaf finish, has the sexy vibe for which Phyllis Morris was famous. During an era when it was all about “big,” this chandelier’s lines prove the fancier the curl, the more mod the girl! In our new Phyllis Morris Collection, the Eyelash measures an impressive 53” in diameter by 31 ½” high.


Renee Console Table

 Renee Console Table

Taking mundane materials and transforming them into fabulous pieces of furniture is a Currey & Company strong-suit. Case in point is the Renee console table that is covered in natural cork and fitted with a chic drawer pull in polished brass and acrylic. The clever composition, which measures 60” wide by 18” deep by 35 ¼” tall, has a patchwork sophistication that will bring charm to any space. Design details include soft-close drawer slides, solid mahogany French dovetail drawer boxes and adjustable glides. There are several pieces in our Renee offerings.


Chancey Nickel Wall Sconce

 Chancey Nickel Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

In Zen traditions, the ensō is a hand-drawn circle that is accomplished in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes. Our talented designers and artisans achieved the art-form in metal and then treated it to a polished nickel finish, the result the Chancey Nickel wall sconce. The simplicity of the form is enlivened by the reflections of illumination that strike the twisting metal, and the shape of the eggshell linen shade adds to the sconce’s charm. The fixture, which measures 14 ¾” wide by 4” deep by 18” tall, meets ADA requirements.


Karlson Table Lamp

Karlson Table Lamp by Currey & Company 

The Karlson table lamp will make a splash in any décor style given that its natural velum surface is splattered with an artful pattern that turns this luminary into a lit work of art. We’re betting this is a design that Jackson Pollock would have been unable to resist! Echoing the dark tones in the body of the lamp are the caviar black finish on the base and the finial, which crests at 32 ¼” tall, and the black shantung shade. We also offer other pieces in the Karlson family, including a side table, a credenza and a folding screen.

These are clear examples as to how we keep the reader in mind when creating content because it’s marketing’s job to establish movement and inspire people to join in. It’s why we push ourselves to go beyond the predictable mundaneness that we see so often in online content, as marketing done masterfully has storytelling at its core. In the case of Currey & Company, we see the new products the talented group of innovators release twice each year as a chapter in the brand’s story, and we are thrilled to be involved in capturing this brand’s essence.

Are you paying attention to telling your company’s tale tantalizingly? If not, stop by our CEO's post on LinkedIn to read why providing visitors to your site a stellar experience is critical, and how even product descriptions are important in the puzzle of SEO traction.

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